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“Becoming your True Self” CD

Two Powerful Guided Visualizations for Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

With Ricki Rush, CPCC, CHT

Embrace Your Magical Child

The Magical Child is our true self, who we were before all the negative conditioning that was layered on us by our parents, teachers and society. It is full of wonder and curiosity and believes that all things are possible. The Magical Child is the key to expansive thinking, self-love, curiosity, innovation, playfulness, imagination, manifesting and creativity.

In this inner journey you will reconnect with your Magical Child and discover how the Magical Child can inspire you to experience more joy and spontaneity in your everyday life. Together you’ll create a very special place for creative, expansive thinking and problem solving. A place where you can let your imagination soar.

True Self CD

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Meet Your Future Self

This visualization takes you into the future where you can meet your fully realized self, a powerful ally in clarifying your purpose and direction, who is experiencing life beyond the limitations that now hold you back. When you connect with your Future Self, you get a clear sense of who you are becoming at a very deep level. It’s like climbing a mountain. Your Future Self is at the top and you are somewhere on the way. Your Future Self knows how to get to the top and can teach you the best way to get there!

In this visualization, you'll learn what steps you need to take now to achieve your goals and dreams. You'll have the opportunity to experience living life at your fullest potential.

What people are saying about “Becoming your True Self”

“Your newest guided visualization is an incredible gift to the coaching profession. I loved meeting my ‘magical child’. She embodies play, delight, magic, lightness and creativity. She is the essence of 'anything is possible’ and she allows me to look at all aspects of my life with new eyes. I can’t wait to connect with her again. Thank you so much Ricki. What an awesome and powerful ally you have introduced me to. I want this experience for all of my clients.”

Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA CPCC
President of

“Your tape gets my clients thinking about the larger picture and longer-term view of their lives. I also recommend the Future Self-visualization to my clients whenever they are feeling uncertain about what to do next. My clients report feeling clearer about their purpose and direction, and more confident about their chosen path.”

C. J. Hayden, CPCC, Author, Speaker, Business Coach

“The Future Self visualization has proven to be, by far, the most valuable tool I have used in the process of problem-solving. In working with my future self, I can draw from my own pool of wisdom, and realize that I have all the resources I need within my reach.”

Sharon Silver

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