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Belief Busters!

Blast Negative Beliefs from Your Mind Forever

Can you envision having what you want in your life? Being more successful and less fearful?

Hard as it may be, you can have what you want, be successful, more joyful and fearless in your life–it’s simply a matter of believing you can. I know this sounds a little like waving a magic wand, doesn’t it? Well, we have the wand – it’s the Lefkoe Method!

Here’s what people just like you have to say about it:

"I can’t believe the difference in my life after only one session. Ricki worked with me about beliefs that were stopping me from being a successful workshop leader and since working with her, my workshops have completely turned around."

Cindy L.

Now that we have your attention, let us tell you more. Using this amazing process, you will eliminate beliefs that cause undesirable behaviors, rid yourself of negative feelings and change negative expectations into positive ones …. in a very, very short period of time. In fact, as you can see from the above testimonial, we have clients who have experienced a noticeable difference after the very first session!

Here’s some background information:

The biggest barrier to change is not our resistance to learning something new. It’s that we think we already know “the truth.” When we learn something we hold it as a belief. We think of this belief as “the truth.” Our beliefs, in turn, determine what we do, what we think and feel, and our perceptions of the world. It is natural for us to act consistently with our beliefs. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for us to act inconsistently with our beliefs over the long run. The fact is that what appears to be widespread resistance to change is nothing more than people acting consistently with their belief.

Therapy would have you believe that change takes time – a long time -- and that one needs to work through issues before there can be significant change. Not true. In 1985 Morty Lefkoe, the founder of the Lefkoe Institute developed the first in a series of interventions that produced quick, lasting change. The primary process, the Lefkoe Belief Process (LBP), eliminates the beliefs that cause undesirable behavioral and emotional patterns -- quickly.

Try this. Notice what your internal critic is always chatting about. To help you out, do any of these statements sound like the record you play in your head?

Using the Lefkoe Method, these beliefs can and will be eliminated.

This method will also eradicate problems such as not standing up for yourself, workaholism, inability to express feelings as well as clearing your mind of problems that cause chronic depression, phobias, eating disorders and more.

To really believe it, it needs to be experienced.

We’d love to talk to you. We’ve discovered our lives work better since we’ve experienced the Lefkoe Method. We’d like to pass this along to you.

Remember, Life Works Better with Lefkoe

Here is a more thorough list of what the Lefkoe Belief Process can do:

  1. Eliminate specific negative self-esteem beliefs, such as:
    • I’m not worthy
    • I don’t matter
    • I’m not good enough
  2. Get rid of beliefs that cause such everyday problems as:
    • Not standing up for yourself
    • Getting into relationships that don’t nurture you
    • Staying in dead-end jobs
    • Fear of public speaking
    • Workaholism
    • The inability to experience and express feelings
    • Worrying about what people think of you
  3. Eradicate the beliefs that cause such serious problems as:
    • Chronic depression
    • Eating disorders
    • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Phobias
    • Anxiety
    • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  4. Get rid of the stress, pessimism, hopelessness, and helplessness that research has shown to predispose us to physical illness.
  5. Enable you to have the profound spiritual experience that you are the creator of your life, not the creation you usually experience yourself as being. In this non-ordinary state of consciousness you feel that there’s nothing missing in your life, anything is possible, and you have no limitations.

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